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Toronto Real Estate is the most rewarding career I could have chosen. There is nothing quite like the experience of matching buyers and sellers, knowing that you are making a real difference to people

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My career did not start with Toronto real estate, but has been a positive journey throughout. I am pleased to be able to say that after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Commerce, I had the opportunity to work with such world-renowned mutual fund companies as Franklin Templeton, AIM/Trimark, and Fidelity Investments, completing my career in this industry as Director of Client Projects with Fidelity. The time spent in the financial industry has proven very beneficial to me and will benefit my clients and myself for years to come.

I am, by nature, both a workaholic and a people person, and my decision to move into Toronto real estate was not one that was "financially" motivated. I had earned a good income in my career and I determined that it was time to live a lifestyle that allowed a fair degree of independence but also enabled me to have a positive effect on people's lives.

The only constant challenge I face is helping clients understand that there really are Toronto real estate agents that think of their clients first. I strongly believe that I will only be happy if I know my clients are happy. So, the bottom line is that I always do what I believe is right for the client. Thankfully, I tend to develop a strong level of trust with my clients in a short period of time.

I now enjoy a successful career as a real estate broker, and have the pleasure of watching my clients take their "next steps" on the road to happiness. What more could a person ask for?!

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Our office is strategically located to serve the downtown core. North York, and the west and east parts of Toronto. In an age where clients are searching all areas of Toronto via the internet it is imperative that the real estate office be in a location that is accessible to the largest number of potential buyers and sellers possible. There was a time when marketing with the realtor right around the corner made the most sense. In modern times, however, people are not going to your specific area to search for properties as frequently as they used to. Instead, they are searching all areas via the internet, and often selecting an agent that way, too. This means that many potential buyers aren't visiting your local Realtor. The team at our office has the skills required to market your home and access a significant number of potential buyers. As a buyer, you know that you are working with an agent who is getting out and seeing all areas of Toronto, and not focusing on a small segment of this vast community.

A Message from our Broker/Owner

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983. Sutton Group is the fastest growing real estate company in Canada.

There are over 7,000 Realtors coast to coast in 180 offices providing a seamless referral network. Currently there are expansion plans in the southern United States.

The company vision as a real estate leader is, "To be the premier delivery organization of value added goods and services to the consumer."

Statement of Mission

Sutton Group - Associates Reality Inc. mission is to become the finest Realtor in metropolitan Toronto.

"Our organization is dedicated to excellence at every level. We strive to empower our immediate clients. Our salespeople, with highly effective support and leadership. To our ultimate clients, the buying and selling public, we strive to offer an uncompromised level of service and performance.

The actions and beliefs of Sutton Group - Associates Realty Inc. will make the difference. We value and work to build personal and office pride. Sutton Group - Associates Realty Inc. will be a model of ethical and fair behaviour with expectations of honesty, trustworthiness, responsiveness, knowledge and professionalism.

Through our business relationships we aspire to enrich the lives of others, and to become leaders in our field."

Henry Balaban, Broker

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