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Ronald Park
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Get to Know Ronald Park

Hello there!

My name is Ronald Park and I am a Tucson real estate agent with Tierra Antigua Realty.

In the past couple of years, technology changed the real estate industry by leaps and bounds. The real estate industry is a busy one, so many agents have not been able to become accustomed with this radical shift. I beg to differ. My competitive advantage is that I keep up with the cutting edge of technology.

Before real estate, I have been successfully selling products online for 8 years through eBay. When it came to sports apparel, jerseys and rare memorobilia, I had my share of the market, successfully selling and paying my way through college with my profits.

I've been living in the digital world for a long time, and I still am a student of the rapidly changing technology field. So how does my past experiences benefit you?

You don't have to search endlessly to find relevent, up-to-date content about Tucson real estate. TRE Daily is your resource. Much of what's out there now is outdated, so frankly, it's irrelevent. It can't and won't help you. You cannot be an educated home buyer or seller if the basis on which you stand on is incorrect.

It's your choice who you decide to represent you in your upcoming real estate transactions. And all I want you to know is this... I know that my personal life is something that you aren't too concerned about. You don't care about my dog. You don't care that I play golf on the weekends. You care about you and your family. You desire a frictionless transaction. You want to be teamed up with professionals that truly look out for your best interests.

Ask me what I can do for you. Without hesitation, I can tell you what I offer when it comes to representing you.

Buying & selling a home is supposed to be an exciting experience. We'll make sure yours is. If you're afraid, talk to us. If you're unsure about something, talk to us. TRE Daily and I are listening.

We can help you. I promise you that. From the beginning of the transaction and even after the end.


If you search the Tucson MLS, you find almost all of Tucson homes up for sale. Do you know what the MLSs major problem is?

It's the restrictions that are placed on agents and sellers. These are the two main problems, but definitely not all:

The limit on how long the property description can be (Can you describe your home's worth and value on less than a 4th of a page?) The limit on the numbers of photos able to be uploaded (And the size of the photos! Who'd be satisfied looking at home pictures the size of business cards?)

So here is my solution.

I will create your home's own website address. So for instance,, will be your home's website. People can easily remember the address and check it out to learn more whenever, wherever they are.

I will have professional video of your home recorded, showcasing your home in the best light. Buyers today shop in their pajamas behind computer screens. Imagine an open house that's going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On your home's own webpage, we'll describe the property as much as we need to with sales copy and pictures. Just enough to do your home justice, and to keep home buyers engaged and curious.

I'm an internet technology guy. I'll market your home all over 30 property listing websites. Your home's videos will be syndicated all over the internet, up to 25 video sites. Craigslist advertisements? You better believe it. YouTube? Definitely.


My marketing plan surpasses any and every real estate agents' marketing plan in Tucson.


I can tell you that with confidence.

Today's real estate market is a new game. You can't expect to win playing a new game with old rules. It just doesn't work that way. You team up with a traditional real estate agent, and you get traditional or less than traditional results.

The choice is yours. Call your favorite agent who'll smile and hold his tongue while your home sits on the market for months on end, or call TRE Daily now at 1 (800) 536-7480 to sell your home fast and for top dollar.


I am the manager of, a Pepper Group real estate team leveraging the power of the internet for the benefit of our clients.