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OneGuard Home Warranties is an aggressive home warranty company that provides more coverage for the best price. Items such as Re-Key, HVAC tune-ups, termite and pest control, sprinkler system, etc...

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  DFW Warranty Comparison     Basic Plan (or equivalent)   OneGuard AHS Allied Nations Old Republic First American                 All Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions   X no X X X no Air Conditioning System   X X X X X X Heating System   X X X X X X Evaporative Cooler   X X X X X X Ductwork   X X X X X X Plumbing System   X X X X X X Slab Leak Coverage   $500 $500 $500 $500 $1,000 $500 Electrical System   X X X X X X Water Heater   X X X X X X Kitchen Appliances   X X X X X X Ceiling Fans   X no no X X no Exhaust Fans   X X X X X X Central Vacuum   X no no X X no Pest Control   X no X X no X Termite Treatment   X no X X X no Sprinkler/Drip/Timer   X no no no no no Re-Key   X no no X no no A/C and/or Heating Pre-Season Tune-Ups   X no X X no no Uses Only Brand New Parts   X no X no no no Contractor 4-Hour Response Time   X no X no no X Total Plan Cost   $349 $356 $350 $349 $350 $350 Service Call Fee   $59 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60

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We cover the entire DFW and Houston MSA's and work with every Real Estate Agent and Title company therein.