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UniversalREO.com is a web-based REO - foreclosure - media & training site utilizing some of the most recent technology in a robust environment to help "Elevate the Standards of REO Professionals"

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www.UniversalREO.com was designed to fill the void in the REO/BPO (foreclosure) education universe.  Designed and created through the expertise of REO Specialists and asset managers, UniversalREO offers knowledge far beyond anything else available.  UniversalREO.com believes in "Elevating the Standards of the REO Profession" through education, valuation and marketing.  We also believe in keeping the content fresh, interesting and fun.


UniversalREO is no longer able to accept members, however, there is still a lot of valuable material available on the website for non-members.  Anyone interested in membership should visit our sister site:  www.NFSTI.com.


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Focus within www.UniversalREO.com is on Education, Valuation, and Marketing.  The foreclosure aspect of real estate has been lacking some ongoing education material (which produces results) since the dawn of time.  By providing the most well-researched education we can guide REO Specialists to improved values.  Lastly, offering effective marketing to our clients will assist them in both acquiring new business and the efficient disposition of their client's inventory.

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