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Mitch Valmer
Nationwide Private Money Balance Sheet Lender
location_on Newport Beach, CA — Private Money Lender & Real Estate Backed Investments
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Equity Cap Lending is a real estate investment company that provides debt in the form of trust deeds and mortgages in first and second lien position to real estate professionals, Developers, land lords with large portfolios to high net worth entities and private individuals for opportunistic real estate opportunities such as acquisitions, cash out for business, commercial, construction and investment purposes only. Along with being a debt provider, Equity Cap Lending is also an Equity Partner for Developers and Real Estate Professionals whom are looking for an Equity Partner to Joint Venture with so they can diversify their real estate projects and not be tied to one transaction. 


Equity Cap Lending manages the whole portfolio of First & Second Trust Deeds and Mortgages (Debt) along with managing all of the Equity Participation Loans (AKA Joint Ventures) (Equity).


We are Lending Nationwide on Non Owner Occupied Residential Real Estate and on Commercial Real Estate!

Equity Cap Lending is a Nationwide Private Money Bridge Lender and Equity Partner

Intro to Equity Cap Lending. We are a Direct Private Money Bridge Lender and Equity Partner. We mainly provide Equity Participation Loans and Private Money Bridge Loans for Ground up Construction and Fix n' Flips on a Nationwide platform.


UnderWriting | Due Diligence | Trust Deed Investing | Knowing Where to Lend | Preserving Investors Wealth| Private Money Lending| Hard Money Lending |Compliance Experts on Local Real Estate Market Loan Structure for Commercial or Residential Loan's Evaluating different asset classes, Such as Commercial & Residential Real Estate | Managing Trust Deed and Mortgage Note Investments | Investor Relation's| Transparent Loan Servicing


We Lend on Non Owner Residential & Commercial Nationwide for Bridge, Fix & Flip,Rental & Construction loans. We Welcome Passive Investors & We are Custodian Friendly For Self Directed IRA's/401k's .