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Become a ViBergman agent today and earn 100% of your sales commissions always.  Here are three reasons to join ViBergman today if you are a Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York agent:

If you have received an invitation to join ViBergman you have been invited to join some of the most experienced, prestigious, and highest paid agents in the Northeast. Quite simply, ViBergman agents and brokers command the very best because they offer the very best. Our agents are among some of the highest earners and producers in the real estate industry. Without fail, they represent, enjoy, and sustain the long necessary benefits of one of the truest forms of independent contractor agent agreements that exist between agent and brokerage of their choice. ViBergman is a frontier in offering agents what agents deserve: exceptional earning power to become powerful entreprenuers in thier industry without the imposition of unnecessary brokerage policies and procedures designed only to benefit the brokerage and not the agent.

Consider just a few of the benefits:

Earn 100% of your commissions - no confusing conditions apply. All agents pay a small fixed fee per closed transaction. If your transaction does not close - you do not have to pay the fee. As a ViBergman agent you have the ability to receive all of your earned commission (less your transaction fee) the same day as your transaction closes. No more waiting and no more excuses for not receiving your commission(s) immediately. ViBergman agents are in charge of their own business. Our agents determine the sales commission rates they charge thier clients, may have fully staffed offices of their own choosing, as well as full and complete automony over all business decisions without unnecessary broker interference. All choices concerning your business and marketing plans are your own --- not your broker's. This is the truest form of the independent contractor relationship agents can experience. However, you will not be without expert and experienced broker guidance should require that as well. Our brokers are some of the most experienced, educated, and customer service oriented veterans in the industry and are just a phone call away.

Give us a call to discuss the many benefits of becoming a ViBergman estate agent with one of our corporate ViBergman brokers personally by calling (855) ViBergman Ext. 5 and to learn more about the private agent invitation you received.

Agent Invitation Contact Information:

Call (855) ViBergman, Ext 4


Please Note: We apologize if you did not receive an agent invitation. However, ViBergman agents are recruited on a private basis exclusively. Some of the primary factors considered in recruiting our exceptional agents are past performance, credentials, production, advanced education, and more. However, If you feel you qualify and wish to be considered to join us as a ViBergman agent please contact us at (855) ViBergman to discuss the matter further.


When asked, most ViBergman agents say they love to work with clients. Almost always they say, their relationship with you - the client - is of paramount importance. Although the majority of our agents work in some of the most demanding and expensive U.S. markets globally, it is not the size of your house or the name of your street that motivates our top agents. Almost 100% of the time, the client makes the first call to them - that is, you call your ViBergman agent because you have worked with our firm before, because you have been urged to call us by a friend or neighbor, or because you have seen or heard of of our work on other properties. ViBergman has prepared this website as a resource for our clients, but in general ViBergman agents don't advertise as most of our top agents prefer to work exclusively by referral: If your ViBergman agent has enjoyed working with you, chances are great they will enjoy working with your friends and family. 

Ultimately, your recommendation is not only the highest praise any agent could hope for - it's their livelihood. Therefore, your satisfaction comes before all else.

ViBergman estate agents are the name and faces of the highest level of excellence in estate services. Our agents possess uncommon knowledge, extensive marketing skills, a broad scope of experience both locally and beyond, and have proven they are some of the best agents in this industry. With an agent base here in the Northeast and growing geographically from Manhattan to Boston and beyond our agent network is composed of the finest agents this industry has to offer sellers and buyers alike. Look no further. Call your ViBergma agent today to discuss your future tomorrow. If you have worked with a ViBergman agent in the past and would like to be in touch with your agent we encourage you to contact your agent directly as many of our agents have ViBergman offices of their own. If you need assistance in finding a ViBergman agent near you please contact us at (855) ViBergman or email us at agents@vibergman.com.

Thank you for choosing ViBergman.


ViBergman: Our New York, Massachusetts, & Connecticut agents earn 100% of sales commissions. What's the catch? Just one: All our agents pay a small fee at closing. If you don't close, you don't pay