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Keller Williams is based on a number of principles that do work,"Win-Win, Integrity, Commitment, Communication, Creativity, Customers, Teamwork, TRUST, & Success" It is a privilege to be a part of KW

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Where to start? It is a n honor to be part of such a dynamic Real Estate Company. If you asked me before I started with Keller Williams if I would ever consider going into Real Estate, that would have been a big NO!, and to be honest I was approached on several occasions about selling Real Estate, I politely said no thank you. Not this time, I said yes and I have not regretted it one bit. I have become  part of a family oriented group of associates, a group that actually shares information with one another. What a concept! Imagine working for a company that actually thinks you should have a balance in your life? They do, "God, family, then business". They had me from that quote. I thought we were supposed to make someone else rich, put in long hours and see no reward  for our time, efforts, and dedication.  Not so with Keller Williams, they actually want to help you grow your business, and they provide all the tools that you need to do so. The tools are not locked in a vault behind  a door labeled "DoNot Enter", everything you need is there for the taking. I know that personally I am in this to give 110%. People matter to me, when we meet they are not just a client they are friends.  So, if you want to know more call or e-mail me, or,  if you are in the area, come on by and meet my family, they will welcome you as one of their own. YOU MATTER!!!!!


I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, a Dental Assistant by trade (before kids). I am the mother of two incredible teenagers Jordan Marie 16, & Joey 14.  I was a stay home mom since they were born, with the exception of a few part time jobs when they started school. I was a school volunteer, a girl scout leader (although not your conventional one), instead of teaching them about the outdoors I taught them about friendship and giving. Oh yea, and a few trips  one to the mall so that they could try on clothing at the Limited Too!  They had fun and so did I. My kids and I uprooted or lives from Massachusetts in 1999 to New Smyrna Beach Florida where my mother, sister and father live. I worked as a Food & Beverage Manager for a semi-private Golf Course. That was a great job. I was also a Guardian Ad Litem ( avoice for the children in custody battles). I love working with little people and big people. I have never met a stranger, they always became a friend.  I met my husband at the Golf Course I worked at and we moved to Simpsonville, SC. Okay, you are probably wondering how a Boston girl ended up in the south ( AND I LOVE IT HERE). You see, my husband had attended College in the area and always wanted to live here, so here we came. Unfortunately the husband loved the area but needed to be on his own. So, here I  am the mother of two and a now I need to figure out how to support us....."KELLER WILLIAMS", what a blessing and so my story will continue!

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