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VTRevolution.com is excellent at what we do and when you use us, it shows that you demand the best for your clients. You don't hold anything back. You are an innovator, a trailblazer, and won't settle for second best. Your listings will stand out among the 3.8 million homes on the market and be sold. Your clients will be moved into their new home, while others are still trying to sell.

We create our tours utilizing the latest in video editing software. This enables us to add transitions, seamlessly integrate photos and video of the home together and lay a professionally scripted voiceover. We utilize the 4 video formats to upload your tours to online video databases which give you international exposure. We do not take the photos and here is why: We allocate the small fee that we charge to pay the professionals who create the video incl but not limited to the video editing specialist, the voiceover actor and the web designer. We also include the link into Realtor.com for FREE (yet we are charged $25.00 by them to create that link.) We simply ask you to take the photos and send them to us. Our small pricetag does not budget enough for a photographer. Ask yourself if you can professionally edit a video, write a script and record voiceover, create a video, convert the video into four web friendly formats, embed the video into webpages, upload the video to four websites and create all the links necessary - with us you do not have to know how - WE ARE THE SOLUTION! We offer the most high tech virtual tour available so if you want to stand out and actually sell the house you promised to market - then order our product TODAY.

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You Do NOT Have To Learn Anything

We take care of creating the virtual tour. We write the script. We record the voiceover. We add the music. We post the virtual tour to all the right places. All we ask of you is that you send us the photos or video and the Broker MLS Sheet. No new software to download, etc. We take care of EVERYTHING. This allows you more time to go out and get more listings. Why waste your precious time in front of a computer screen? Imagine how many more listing presentations you will have the time for and how much money that would add to your bottom line.

We Are Featured in the Aug 2006 Realtor Magazine Online

Podcastmyproperty.com/VTRevolution.com was featured in a recent article in Realtor Magazine Online (Real Estate Daily News - Aug 3, 2006). By making the home listings come alive, you will obtain more quality showings of your listing, maximize your time with Buyers, and obtain a close much quicker which gets you your commission faster.




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