Christina Welch, The Welch Team/Keller Williams Jacksonville Realty

Jacksonville , FL

Specializing in residential sales, we are consistently seeking new and better ways to do business.

Get to know Christina Welch

After  graduating  from  Georgia  Southern  University  I  moved  to  Jacksonville  to  find  a  career.    Working  my  way  up  the  corporate  ladder  I  realized  I  had  started  in  the  wrong  industry.  

After  obtaining  my  license  in  Real  Estate  I  left  the  corporate  world  to  pursue  my  passion  of  real  estate.  I  was  fortunate  to  start  in  this  career  at  the  worst  timing  possible.    I  learned  to  work  from  the  ground  up.  Every  situation  that  could  arise,  arouse  and  problem  solving  became  second  nature.

In  the  beginning  of  the  worst  bubble  burst  since  the  depression,  I  helped  homeowners  get  out  of  distress  homes  and  in  turn  I  helped  buyers  find  the  home  of  their  dreams.

Today  our  team  has  grown  to  one  of  the  top  teams  within  Northeast  Florida.  Selling  over  100  homes  a  year  and  consistently  training  to  learn  new  technology  is  what  helps  separate  us  from  our  competition.

We  work  to  help  our  customers  obtain  their  real  estate  goals  whether  it  be  selling  or  buying.  It  truly  is  about  them,  helping  them  get  to  where  they  want  to  be.    This  is  why I  feel  we  have  such  a  strong  support  of  repeat  business.

We  are  now  implementing  new  technology  to  help  our  customers  in  today’s  market.  In  this  ever  changing  industry  you  really  need  to  rely  on  a  brand/  team  that  can  represent  you  to  their  fullest  ability.  You  have  to  look  no further!


We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to buyers and sellers making their real estate transaction smooth and seamless.

Specializing in residential sales we are consistently seeking new and better ways to do business.
We leverage the latest technology to ensure our customers receive the very best in service, marketing and communication. 
Our hard work, team environment, dedication and passion keep customers coming back time and time again. 
This is why we are the best in the business and can guarantee you will think so, too.