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My enthusiasm and integrity, packaged with my innate ability to identify my client's needs is refreshing in today's increasingly automated market.  

While buying and selling real estate can be a fun, exciting and rewarding experience, it is important to develop a broad knowledge of the real estate market and all it has to offer you. As your local real estate expert, I am dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable experience, helping educate you on all aspects of the current market conditions, property values, loans suitable to your needs and desires, and endless knowledge of the communities of interest to you and your family.  My experience, skill and familiarity with the Bozeman real estate market are essential ingredients needed to provide you with an enjoyable buying or selling experience. Utilizing strong communication and negotiation skills, energy and effective marketing tactics, I will be dedicated to providing your family the service you deserve. 

Please feel free to use this site as a starting point and a guide throughout your adventure in buying or selling your Bozeman home.

Thank you for stopping or Be sure to let me know if you have any additional questions or even if you have a few suggestions for my site! I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.




Buyers Tips and Resources

Why You Need a Real Estate Professional

The integration of real estate into the internet has revolutionized the way in which home buyers think. It has become easier for buyers to find a home on the internet in the past few years. Today, buyers often ask the question, "Why do I need an agent?"

Home buying is not something someone typically does often. It's not an every day event or even a yearly event. It can be emotional and stressful, especially when you don't know real estate and understand the laws, rules and regulations involved in transactions. You'll need someone with knowledge to spell out the details of the transaction. Remember, this is one of the biggest purchasing decisions you will likely make. It is not something to take lightly.


REALTORS® Know Real Estate


REALTORS® deal with real estate issues and concerns on a daily basis. They have been educated extensively on the laws and regulations that influence the market. By law agents are required to get continued education to renew their license ensuring they are always up-to-date on the latest real estate news and laws. Further, as Professionals, they have access to tools and an endless array of contacts in the industry to help YOU find the perfect home.


The good news for buyers' is that lenders will never lend more money than a home is worth. So, you can rest easy knowing that you will never overpay. But there are other problems that can haunt you if you're not careful. For example, REALTORS® are trained to ensure all necessary disclosures are given completely and in a timely manner. There are many disclosures differing within each state. Some disclosures may include: natural hazards, mello-roos and bonds, smoke detector, lead-based paint, mold, wildfire zones, inundation zones, and Megan's Law. Do you know all the required disclosures for your state? It can be difficult to keep up with the ever growing list of disclosures! Laws change regularly and if you're not involved in the real estate market on a regular basis you may fall short of providing yourself ideal representation.


Other potential problems that buyers' may encounter in the buying process involve homeowner association rules and regulations. For example, you're a dog lover and have three but you just purchased a condo that doesn't allow pets. What can you do? Nothing! You can sell the condo but that's about it. You're legally bound by your agreement with the association and you're unlikely to change their rules as a new member.


Be smart: Know that as much as you think you know... there is always more to know. Trust that you'll likely forget something in the process. Hiring a real estate agent will save you the trouble in your attempt to research every problem you may run into during the home buying process. You'll not only save yourself time researching but help your family avoid potential risks.

The integration of real estate into the internet has revolutionized the way in which home buyers think. It has become easier for buyers to find a home on the internet in the past few years. Today, buyers often ask the question, "Why do I need an agent?"...MORE

Choosing a REALTOR

You've decided to enlist the help of a professional to help you find and buy a home. Here are some tips to help you find a real estate agent....MORE

Find at least three real estate agent's to interview.Ask friends, family and even neighbor's for recommendations. Who did they use when sold their home? Would they use that same agent in another real estate transaction? Did they feel safe and trust the agent they used throughout the selling process? Use the internet. Buyers are using the internet in increasing numbers to find homes. An agent with a website near the top of a search engine for competitive phrases will likely hold an edge over an agent that doesn't. Further, it is a great way to evaluate an agent before you even pick up the phone to arrange an interview. Simply go to your favorite search engine and conduct a search. Try different variations like "Your City real estate", "Your City REALTOR" or even "Your City home for sale".Check out the agent's web site to see if they include a page that discusses their own achievements, experience and years in the industry. However, it would be wise to not discount an agent simply because they are new and don't have experience. Generally, new agents have more time to help you and are eager to please. Interview the top agents you've found yourself or were recommended to you by others. You should be prepared to ask relevant questions to help you determine if the agent will be a good match for you.   Are you a REALTOR®?It is usually in a seller's best interest to find a REALTOR®, not just a real estate agent. REALTORS® generally work full time, are committed financially to their business and have been extensively trained to serve your needs. They are also members of the National Association of REALTORS®. How long have you worked the real estate market in this area?Experience can certainly play an important role in helping you sell your house. New agents may not know how to deal with certain situations that occur during the transaction. An agent capable of handling difficult transactions can be the key to closing the deal.However, remember new agents generally more time on their hands. They may be more vigorous in their mission to sell your house. In addition, they have extensive backing from their Broker during situations they may not be familiar with. Don't discount new agents simply because they are new. Take into consideration whether the other agents you interview already have full plates. How quickly will you return my phone calls? Do you have a call back policy?Some agents return phone calls during specific times each day while others will call you back as soon as they receive the message. Make sure the agent gives you one good phone number that you'll be able to reach them with at all times. Don't conduct your interview as a question/answer interview. Have a real conversation. You need to get a feel for the agent's personality as well. Agents that answer your questions stating yes or no are probably not someone you want to deal with. Find an agent that will happily answer your questions extensively so you understand the details of your relationship from the beginning. This will help you avoid any problems down the road. Ask the agent for references and testimonials from past clients. If they've been in the business long enough, they are bound to have quite a few. This can help you weed out an agent that may not be well liked. Don't just look at the testimonials... READ THEM! How enthusiastic do the sellers sound? Were they ecstatic with the agent's service? Have they used the agent more than once? Compare the agents you interviewed to make the final decision of whom to hire. What do you like and not like about each? Make a list and discuss it with family and friends that have been through the process. They may have valuable tips to help you make the right decision.

Getting Pre-Approval Gives You a Stronger Negotiating Angle

Most of us have spent a great deal of time imagining our dream home; the yard full of roses encased by a white picket fence, the elegant staircase climbing around and around, the large kitchen with marble countertops, the master bath with it???s Jacuzzi tub surrounded by candles, and the waterfall pouring gracefully into the marvelous clear blue pool....MORE


What is your FICO?

A FICO score is a credit score developed by Fair Isaac & Company to help lenders determine the risk involved in lending money to any person applying for a loan. It is widely accepted by lenders as one of the most important components helping determine eligibility as well as specific amounts, rates and terms that can be offered.Why You Need a Real Estate Professional...MORE

If you would like some help finding your Dream Home let me know.  There are several properties that have come on the market that have not been listed yet.  Please fill out my Dream Home Finder Form so I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Sellers TipsAdvantages of Using a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home

As the real estate industry evolves it seemingly becomes easier to market your house without the use of a professional. Knowing whether to use a REALTOR® or sell privately (FSBO) can be difficult to determine. It is important to understand what a good agent will bring to the table. Some of the main advantages of using a professional include: emotional objectivity, knowledge and marketing reach...MORE

Choosing a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home

You've decided to enlist the help of a professional to help you sell your home. Here are some tips to help you find a real estate agent that will serve your needs best...MORE

Setting the Price

When pricing your home, you may consider the price you originally paid, add a substantial markup and presume you're done. This would be a grave mistake; one that could wind up costing you thousands or end in no sale at all. In order to price your home to sell there are many things that should be considered.

Obtain A Few CMA's (Comparative Market Analysis):

When interviewing agents, you should obtain CMA's from each agent offering an idea of the price your home should sell. A CMA details the prices of similar homes recently sold, on-the-market homes as well as homes that simply did not sell in your area.

Be wary of agents attempting to "buy" your listing. An agent practicing this technique will often sweet-talk you with their elevated price recommendation waiting only a few weeks to insist on a price reduction. Be mindful: a home on the market for extended periods become less saleable. People begin to wonder if there are significant defects with the property or whether the seller is truly motivated.

Some agents suggest under pricing your home hoping to start bidding wars amongst hungry home buyers. While this technique may work to an extent in some markets, it is often a wiser decision to market your home at an appropriate price from day one.

Calculate the Price per Square Foot

The average square feet of homes in your area can be considerable help in determining a proper listing price for your home. However, it is not recommended you rely on this tidbit of information solely.

Evaluate Market TrendsHow quickly are homes selling in your area? Are prices increasing or decreasing? Are you in prime selling season (typically during spring) or attempting to sell in the drooping winter season? How many offers are sellers typically receiving once on the market? These are only a few of many questions that your agent can help answer.

What Major or Minor Problems Exist Within Your Home?If you're in a sellers market you may not need to worry about fixing most problems in your house. Buyers are much more open to problematic homes when they are having a tough time finding one in the first place. However, if you're in a buyers market it would be wise to fix as many problems in the house as you're financial able to.

Either way, a home with problems will not generate as much value as a home in almost perfect condition (no home is perfect!). An advisable solution would be to evaluate the potential cost of repairs. Determine whether these costs could be recouped during the sale of your property. It is certainly worthwhile to consult your agent as well as other professionals for matters such as these.

Jazz Up the DealOften, buyers come to the table with terms that some sellers are not open to accept. Some include quick sales, lease-options, or asking that closing costs be paid by the seller. If you are motivated to sell offer something up front to attract buyers that may be interested in such terms.

Reaching a listing price can be tricky; however, using reliable information with personal feelings aside, you can reach an acceptable agreement.

Creating an Effective Home Marketing Plan

While some agents may put an ad of your home in the local paper and list it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), there are many additional steps that should be taken to effectively market your home enabling a quick sale at the best price. A devoted REALTOR® will actively market your house using at least a few of the following methods...MORE

Advertising in the MLSAdvertising your listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is imperative in any marketing plan! It is typically the first place your agent will begin marketing your house and most often directly responsible for the sale of your house. Years ago, it was used as a medium for agents to market homes to buyers agents, however, with the internet evolving it is now available for buyers to search themselves on many real estate websites. For Sale Sign in Yard with Brochure BoxFor sale signs with professionally designed brochures displayed in a brochure box in your front yard is also essential. This is an inexpensive way to ensure all passersby's get a chance to notice your house. Prominent Advertising on Your Agent's WebsiteWhile the MLS is available for buyers to search it is of utmost importance your house also be prominently featured within your agent's website. While your house is not likely the only listing your agent features you may want to kindly suggest they rotate each listing from the "featured properties" page to the homepage. The added exposure just may help you sell more quickly and your agent will likely appreciate your interest to help. Advertising in Local and/or National NewspapersAdvertising in newspapers is considered traditional advertising and continues to provide REALTORS® an opportunity to market listings. The downside is the potential cost, especially on Sundays, and rarely results in a sale. It is advisable to request your agent put more effort into other marketing avenues instead. Advertising in Real Estate MagazinesMany specialty real estate magazines exist for the purpose of marketing listings as well. Most often, these publications feature high end homes. However, just as with newspaper ads they rarely produce qualified leads or end in a sale. While you may like seeing your house marketed in this manner a better option would be to opt for additional website marketing. Holding Open HousesThere are two types of open houses. One if for the public and generally are held on Sunday afternoons. The other is for agents.Ordinarily, public open houses don't result in the sale of a house either. Part of the reason public open houses have failed to lead to sales in the past is the lack of visitors. There are two things that can and should be done to promote the open house and persuade buyers to actually visit. The first of these is website and search engine marketing. Your agent could easily display an invitation to the open house on the homepage of their website a week prior to the event. Additionally, using online ad programs such as Yahoo! Search Marketing and Google AdWords to further advertise the open house will help draw people at a fraction of the cost of most newspaper ads. An ad by itself is not likely to draw in a large crowd but the promise of something special to eat will always win over a discerning buyer. This is the second way to increase visitors at your open house. Help your agent prepare a menu of items to attract larger crowds of people.However, having a public open house is not as likely to bring in many serious buyers as a Broker open house. Broker open houses are held for agents instead of the general public. Since agents viewing your home during a Broker open house already have pre-qualified buyers your chances of selling are heightened. Providing Buyer FeedbackWhile this is not technically marketing it is a valuable tool to use to help make your home more marketable. Most agents will leave their business card on a kitchen counter or table after a showing to offer buyer feedback to your agent. Your agent will then gather all cards from you at least once each week. After calling each buyers agent your REALTOR® may provide suggestions to help improve your homes appearance. Discerning buyers will likely disclose their likes and dislikes about your home. These details are infinitely important to the sale of your house.



Quad Gold Award Keller Williams 2014


My philosophy is simple: customer service is not a part of my business, it is my business. As a fourth generation Montanan, I have a well earned appreciation for the state my family and I call home.