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It's getting close to a decade since I decided I wanted to assist individuals and families by helping them achieve a piece of the American dream... a home of their own.When I was 19 I knew that I wanted to own a home. So, I read several investment books and attended numerous seminars. They all had the same message: OWN YOUR OWN HOME. So after alot of searching, I went out and purchased my first home later that year.Boy was it a winner.The house was built in 1917 (making it 75 years old), surrounded by a quarter acre of blackberry bushes and tall grass. It didn't matter; at 19 I had plenty of sweat equity ready to pour into the project and did I ever. I worked hard on that yard for nearly three years, making some progress also on the electric and plumbing.Then I got married.It's funny how that three year old project got finished up within a couple of months from the time of saying "I Do". Obviously, my new bride helped me gain an even greater focus on the project, plus she was willing to roll up her sleeves and pitch in like a trooper.Several years later, after the purchase of a newer home, a couple of great children  were added to our family. After completing a couple of 10 year careers I decided I wanted to do something that I really loved. During the past 20 years I had purchased a couple of rental houses along the way. Since then I have been involved with several Home Buying seminars and have worked with countless individuals and families desiring to finance their own dream home.  To help me do a better job for my client's I have studied and achieved certification to teach education classes to Real Estate Agents (something I've been doing for several years now). Without a doubt; helping others has become one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever held.For instance... When I was new to the business one of my first clients walked into my office, sat down at my desk and said to me "I don't think I can get a home, but my lifelong dream has been to own one." I told her anyone can own a home, it just depends on how bad you want it and if you're willing to take the time to make it happen. We worked for six months to get everything done. Two weeks before Thanksgiving I heard keys jingling and a woman yelling in the lobby: " I got my house! I got my house!" She came over to me with tears in her eyes and gave me a huge hug.She was able to achieve her dream in spite of the obstacles. That is why I'm in this business.


Several years ago, a medical challenge in our family required us to travel clear across the United States in search of special medical help for one of our children. It was a life threatening situation.When we arrived at the medical facility we were able to connect with the staff at the local Ronald McDonald House http://www.rmhcseattle.org. They provided us with a place to stay, warm meals and moral support . Being at the receiving end, our family can personally attest to the great commitment the staff and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House have for helping families in need.Once we were able to return home with a healthy child we've made it our mission to try and give back some kindness by providing a dinner once a month, with the help and generosity of friends and family, to those who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House here in Seattle.  We serve between 75 to 120 people on any given night. If you or your group would like to donate a dinner to the local Ronald McDonald House http://www.rmhcseattle.org , please call Judy Adams at 206-838-0606 or email her at Judy@rmhcseattle.org http://mailto:Judy@rmhcseattle.org or you may contact me for further information.I'm sure that you will find your efforts well rewarded by serving the needs of others in their time of real need. I know we have.