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Technology is fast becoming a big part of all real estate transactions - from the home search to the final closing day.  With technology comes great responsibility to keep the "human" side of the transaction open, while dealing with the fast paced environment of the internet, texting, social media, and email.  As a former web designer (I built our entire band's site from scratch and maintained it with the help of one other designer), I love technology and all that it provides, but still know the need for the personal contact.  I cater each experience for every client based on their needs and skill levels with technology (doesn't make sense to email a client important documents if they only check their email once a week).  

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Client service - Every client is treated like a rockstar when working with me.  I want my clients to end the day feeling like they are being treated above and beyond the normal real estate experience.  When working with me, they can expect me to go the extra mile for them and not only help them through the purchase of their home, but become their trusted adviser.  And that treatment doesn't end at the closing table.  My goal is to build a client base that think of me like they think of a family doctor.  Who do you call when you are wondering about anything involving your home....  I don't subscribe to the theory of "next" in real estate, bouncing from transaction to transaction, instead I want to follow those clients through their lives and help them throughout.

Education/Knowledge - I am dedicated to learning more at all times.  In Texas, all licensees must take 60 hours of SAE credit in their first year.  Then every year after that, they must continue with 15 hours of MCE credit.  In my first year alone, I amassed over 18 hours of MCE credit.  Credit which is not required for my license, but rather classes I took in order to and continue to be up to date and ready for anything.  I promise to continue that ethic throughout my career for my clients benefit.

Care and community - I care about my clients.  Most agents get into the business because they do.  We're a giving, caring bunch.  I plan on staying that way for the length of my career.  Its just part of who I am.  I want to see people fulfill their dreams and find new ways to acquire the life they are looking to have.  And as my client base grows, my clients benefit, because I am a firm believer in connecting people who can help each other.  That's why I been involved in the RE-community's social media side.  I like meeting different agents, with different concerns, and connecting them with other agents, programmers, lenders, builders, and title companies that can help them out.  And I do the same for my clients.  I like the feeling of knowing that I made something happen, because I knew that one person needed the skills of another I knew.

Communication - My phone line is always open as is my email.  I love hearing from my clients, friends, and other agents.  I am often frustrated by the lack of response from companies in this world (ie, customer support) and I refuse to watch that happen to people as they're trying to buy or sell a home.  I think that client/agent communication can prevent many of the difficulties we see in real estate and I will always keep those lines open in order to prevent those difficulties.