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Helping owners & advertisers meet for the best of all possible results. Cut out the 6 or 7% commissions, rely on our total start to finish expertise to help you sell your home without a hitch. We s...

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Edmund Andre has been in sales and marketing for 39 years, and has never sold anything he doesn't believe in. We have a selfless staff who truly believes in putting the customer first. Our unsolicited references prove that over and over again.

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Judith Pauly, a professional writer, and our customer service manager, has been working in commercial and residential real estate for over 20 years.

Scott Zinn, is one very professional sales and support member with 28 years experience.

Malcolm Reid, has been in property management with fascinating experience derived from hotel and theme park properties as well as solid residential real estate experience.

Greg Urchell, our lead attorney, has one of the finest reputations for accuracy and longevity, not only in real estate, but dealing with for sale by owner property transfers.

Debi Davis, our graphic designer, formally designed for many large clients in Arkansas. She is available for creation of your material.

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