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By Matt Dimmick
(Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group)
     Keller Williams Realty is now home to over 94 of the top realtors in Alaska and is open for business in the Key Bank Building at 101 West Benson Blvd. Suite 503 on the top floor. After returning from the KW Mastermind event in Austin, Texas, which is a gathering of the top realtors in the country assembled to discuss the current market trends, and how to be more effective, we return armed with the latest graphs, videos, and training materials, unmatched in the real estate industry, we are pumped up and ready to take advantage of the current market.      Team Leader Cody Gibson announced the opening of our new Mortgage Company, Metro Alaska Mortgage, in the Key Bank building on the 2nd Floor. Mortgage Specialist Christie Hudson has just returned from extensive training and is ready ...
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By Brandi Croom
(Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group)
Oh my, you got your oders and you are coming to Alaska.  Could you at least crack a smile?  Yes we have winter for about 6 months straight, it often gets to less than 10 degrees in the middle of winter but when that's all over we have nearly 24 hours of daylight through out the summer, we are within an hour of great fishing, camping, rafting, and hiking and nothing can beat that!  So relax, Alaska is an adventure and your family will love it!Remember your house in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, etc.?  It had those 3 acres out in the country with your 1600 square foot ranch style house that cost just a tad more than a Hummer H2?  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's going to cost an awful lot of money to buy that same house in Alaska.  Probably so much, that you aren't going ...
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