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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
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I am flying out from San Jose California Saturday afternoon headed to Alaska. I will be checking on our home around Homer Alaska and also viewing the devastation across the state.There are approx 100 forest fires across Alaska and it is very hard to get around by car because there are only so man...

By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
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Dare to Dream Over the Rainbow by Robert Swetz All of us dream from when were born till the day we die, so what do we do with these dreams? Do we store them in our brains and hope they may come true some day? Or do we just forget about them because they are only a dream and not real at that momen...

By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
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There is no place like Alaska ...My first visit Alaska was in 2001 followed by 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. After my first visit in 2001 I talked about my experience for months, I was taken away by it's beauty.When I was given another chance to visit in 2015 I couldn't pass up the opportunity.I...

By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
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 As many people know Alaska is known for having heavy snow fall through the spring, fall and winter months.For Alaska snow is around the corner ...By September Alaska can get hit with snow storms which creates snow cap mountains like this one I took around November of 2016.And then again Alaska c...

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