Taku Subdivision (Fairbanks, AK)
By Jesse Clifton
(Jesse Clifton & Associates)
The area commonly referred to as simply "Riverview," named for the street that runs the length of its northern border, is actually made up of several subdivisions - Taku, Westgate, Hilton Park and Sunset Subdivisions. Billed as the answer to urban Fairbanks sprawl in the 50's and 60's this area has remained immensely popular over the years due to its close proximity to shopping, city services, public schools, Fort Wainwright and being serviced by city utilities. The vast majority of homes (70%+/-) were built prior to 1970 with a handful being built in the 80's and a select few having been built in recent years. Despite some homes being a little long in the tooth, the majority have been relatively well maintained. Many of the homes on the river, with the exception of a few in Westgate N...
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