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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 I have only been down in Las Vegas now for 2 days and I am missing the love of my life.This photo was taken only only days before I flew down of my wife and our 2 boys Jonny & Glen. We have been apart several times over the last 2 years so we have found a way to adjust. They know I will be making great money working on a huge construction project in California. The great money that I will be making will purchase the 5 acres they are standing on in the photo in only a matter of months. And if I stay with this job I will be able to build a small retirement home on this property that Lin is really praying for.When I retire after the next 3-4 years Lin and I will be staying in the home I wish to build on this vacant land in Trapper Creek close to Palmer Alaska.We will stay there spring, su...
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 Here is one photo of many from the 5 acre parcel that Vegas Bob is interested in purchasing at Trapper Creek close to Palmer Alaska.I am in Las Vegas now preparing my belongings and then going to Silicon Valley on Monday of next week. While preparing for work at Apple Campus 2, I will be spending time at the beaches of Santa Cruz.I will posting more photos of the vacant property in Alaska that I am interested in purchasing.
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I have been searching for vacant land and a possible home in Alaska for a great price.I have not found a home that I really like and have not really decided where exactly I would like to live in Alaska when I retire.Robert Swetz did find a wonderful vacant 2 acre lot 5 miles north of Homer Alaska in 2015 that I bought and paid in full.And now I have fallen in love with another area for a future retirement home.There are around eight 5 acre parcels and several larger vacant lots around Trapper Creek close to Palmer Alaska.The Trapper Creek has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen very close to the Knike Glacier and Knike River. Please take a look at my post with photographs just before this one. The photos were taken around the Trapper Creek area. I also loaded some ot...
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Robert Vegas Bob Swetz spent Mother's Day weekend once again looking at 5 acre vacant parcels in Trapper Creek in Palmer Alaska.The 5 acre parcels are located approx. 50 miles north of Anchorage Alaska, very close to Knik River.When I was looking some of the most beautiful vacant land located close to Anchorage & Wasilla located in Palmer Alaska, a neighbor came over and spoke with us.I was asking him many questions and one of the questions was, do you think these 5 acre parcels are worth 40 - 50K.His words were yes, were can you go in the State of Alaska and or anywhere in the Lower 48 and find such rugged beautiful property like this?The location of this vacant land in Trapper Creek is surrounded by moose, bear, wildlife and the Knik Glacier, which is one of the largest in the state o...
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