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By Tim & Linda Kaylor
(East Central AL Homes | Keller Williams Realty Group)
If You Wanna Smoke 'Em You Gotta Have A Fire!   Remember the old saying; "Where there's smoke, there's fire."? Sometimes that's just not true.  If you don't believe me then follow these instructions: Step 1 - Build a fire.  I'm talking a really good flaming fire.  Pile that wood up and let that flame grow. Yes, you'll certainly have some smoke in the beginning, but have patience and you'll see a raging inferno.  Step 2 - Deprive that raging inferno of oxygen and fuel. Now watch what happens! Fire without fuel and oxygen will die out.  So answer me this!  When a once raging fire begins to die out, what happens?  Of course!  It begins to smolder and results in smoke.  Is the fire still there?  It's essence remains but without oxygen, the addition of fuel and a little effort to stoke it, t...
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