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  I think I’m “spiritual” what do you think? Yep I believe I have this problem.  I think it’s a nice one to have but my wife thinks I really don’t possess this talent.  Yes I think I’ll call it a talent.  Very few possess this fast and furious processing of data.  OH Well!! Without any more hesitation the meaning of (spe re tu el’) is a quick, graceful wit or mind.  I think I’m darn well a riot of wit and humor but the wife (boss) thinks otherwise.  So tell me do you think you’re funny?
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By James Dray
(Fathom Realty)
  Do you have “milpa” in your area? Usually we don’t have this in the U.S. you did read usually.  I know of some near us but it can be restored.  What I don’t understand is that in the natural course of things this will take care of itself.  Now for the meaning of (mil’pe) a forest cultivated until the land is exhausted, then abandoned.  I often wonder what goes in its place
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