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I had heard about this before;  this being a reference to when Chandler would be built out.  Well, apparently its going to happen around 2012. exactly does this mean?  Well, read the article.  Reference is made to Tempe and how its central location (no new construction there) resulted in the highest appreciation in 06'.  Think the same statements will apply to chandler in 5+ years?  Only time will tell.  In the meanwhile, if you'd like a NEW home in Chandler, you still have a few years :)
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By Kaushik Sirkar
(Call Realty, Inc.)
Did you just graduate from college recently? Are you earning, oh, 50 - 60k a year? Thinking about buying your first home in greater Phoenix - specifically near the Chandler area in the East Valley? Well, here are a few tidbits of information you need to know about the current market....In the Phoenix metropolitan area, the MEDIAN sales price of homes has been hovering in the 250k - 260k range depending on the particular month since the 'boom' ended around September of 05'.  This number may be higher or lower depending on the particular town (all are rough averages based on the last few months) -Chandler ~ 295kGilbert ~ 325kTempe ~ 300kMesa ~ 235kScottsdale ~ 600kParadise Valley ~ 1.7 millionQuite a range! In addition, one could venture a little further out into places such as Queen Cree...
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By Elena Thurston, Family Real Estate Specialist
(Keller Williams Legacy One)
There are few new home communities in the Valley that are still selling homes at a steady clip. Most of them are lacking in at least one area: location, size of home for the money, neighborhood character, and finally decent lot size. One Chandler community has it all and the steady sales prove it. Old Stone Ranch by Shea Homes first garnered interest in the East Valley because of the proposed lakes and water feature. There are lake communities in the East Valley (hardly any in the West Valley) but they are "older" neighborhoods, generally built prior to 1995. The water features are nearly finished at Old Stone Ranch and I have to say they are pretty stunning, especially at night with the mood lighting. There is a lovely veranda for picnicing that is right on the water and near the nice ...
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By Elena Thurston, Family Real Estate Specialist
(Keller Williams Legacy One)
Arden Park, Chandler, AZ  A house bought on a whim becomes a treasured home and community. Heather Vanacour and her family bought their Chandler home on a whim.  Her husband, a recent graduate from law school and scheduled to take the bar exam, didn't have a job.  One weekend, "just for fun," the couple decided to house hunt.   They walked into a new subdivision, checked out the models, and knew it was meant to be.  They put the deposit down that day.  They've never looked back.  With a neighborhood like Arden Park , why would they?  Arden Park was built around 2003 and is near Germann and Alma School in Chandler .  More on the great location later, what really matters is the feel of the neighborhood. Heather says the best thing about the neighborhood is how nice the neighbors are.  App...
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By Calie Waterhouse, Community Builder
In today's softening real estate market, we are working with proactive sellers - Sellers who are doing everything they know how to - to properly prepare their homes for sale.  Working with a home stager gives home sellers the peace of mind that they're looking for  - Reassurance that their home will compete with the neighboring competition and reassurance in knowing that their top dollar sales price is justified. As a real estate professional, it is up to you to make sure that your client can justify their listing price.  Do you recommend the services of a home stager?  If Yes, "Way To Go!!" - If not - don't you owe it to yourself and to your client to add a qualified professional to your team? In a recent study, it showed that by having a professional home stager do the work instead of...
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By Scott Morrison, Arizona Real Estate Expert
(Call Realty)
While doing some research about homes in Chandler and Gilbert Arizona, I stumbled on an interesting section of the CNN Money website.  This site has ranked the top places to live.  (Click here to view the website) I was very happy to see two Arizona cities in the top 25.There is a great tool in the upper right hand corner of this site.  It allows a consumer to enter the most important criteria they have about the city in which they live and then the website will help you find the city that most closely matches your criteria.The site was a lot of fun, but can be somewhat addicting.  I just wanted to pass this along to fellow Active Rainer's thinking that it might be of some assistance. 
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Purchasing Vacation Rentals can be fun and profitable...with a little research and awareness of the market.  Having recently purchased a condo of my own for vacation rental purposes, I have learned a ton over the last year.  Many people have the desire to own a 2nd or vacation home, but don't know how to go about it.  They don't realize that with the proper planning, they can select an area that they would enjoy vacationing at or retiring to someday, and rent it out to cover or partially cover the cost of the mortgage and other expenses.  It's important to select an area that you know about and/or have vacationed at and visited in the past--not just an area that you may have read about.  Do your research, with the help of a knowledgeable area Realtor, who can help you pull up statistics...
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