Honeybee Canyon Estates (Oro Valley, AZ)
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Luxury Abounds in Honeybee Ridge Estates in Oro Valley, AZ - Homes for Sale Seeking luxury?  Looking for something "a cut above"?   Located in the heart of the most luxurious subdivision on Oro Valley, The Estates at Honeybee Ridge is home to some of the finest real estate in the Tucson metro region. This gated community was created to compliment the extraordinary natural desert landscape and wildlife preserve. The Estates at Honeybee Ridge feature 128 Lots, averaging about an acre in size. Prices currently begining at $899,000 for 3 and 4 bedroom homes for sale in Honeybee Ridge. The views are stunningly dramatic - with views of Honeybee Canyon running along the Western edge of the subdivision. The setting compliments an array of larger-style homes nestled amongst natural rock outcropp...
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By Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495
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Honeybee Canyon, Oro Valley, AZ.  Honeybees are alive and well in the wilds (and not-so-wild parts) of the Sonoran Desert.  It's rare to find honeycomb in the desert, as rare for me today as it was for the ancient Amerindians whose petroglyphs adorn this waterway in our beautiful desert. Honeybees have been creating their spectacular works of edible art since the beginning of time. Those of you from agricultural areas will recognize the vertical combs in the photo above, but you're used to seeing them on  wooden frames, hung inside wooden boxes, tended by keepers covered from head to toe in protective gear. What surprised me about this particular honeybee colony is it's proximity to one of the most developed new areas in Tucson's northwest corridor.  The bridge crosses the arroyo in th...
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