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By Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495
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They're not making any more real estate.  How many times have you heard that from an agent who's trying to sell you some? Actually, it's not true.  Planet earth is living, moving, folding in on itself, and constantly re-creating the stuff we call real estate.  (Then again, our lifetime is less than the blink of an eye on that geologic time scale, so you might want to act on that purchase you've been contemplating before someone else snaps it up.) A dozen of us got together on Saturday morning to take a "roadside geology" trip to Winkleman, Arizona.  Two of our number, Dave Young and Keith Long, are geologists. That's the Gila River on the left.  Over eons, it has cut through what is now Arizona, exposing strata of rock to our view.  On the west side of the river is this man-made vertic...
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