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By Debbie Stevens Top Producer Coaching for RE/MAX
(Unlimited Success)
Olivia , my grand daughter and I spent the day together planting Maple Trees and cleaning out the garden by our fish pond. Four hours and three buckets of unneeded plants and I have the beginnings of a "zen" garden. My granddaughter Olivia, who was a huge help, fell in love with one of the brilliant red maples - so we named the tree after her. Olivia also, had a great time carving out our pumpkin. I know it's too early to do that, we are not overly conventional. It was more important to let her have the fun than to worry about the date. Bob, my husband helped Olivia by letting her use his electric jigsaw to cut out the face. She did a fabulous job! I expect that her overly protective mother would have had a heart attack had she known her 11 yr old was using powertools.  
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