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By Devona Garrigus, REALTOR® / Short Sale Specialist
(Garrigus Real Estate)
CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNERS - LOSING YOUR JOB DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO LOSE YOUR HOME KEEP YOUR HOME CALIFORNIA is a federally-funded foreclosure prevention program that can help you keep your home, even in the uncertain waters of lost employment. This unemployment mortgage assistance can provide to you up to $3,000 in monthly mortgage help that is available for qualified unemployed homeowners for as long as nine months. You may be eligible for this mortgage assistance if: You own and occupy your home in California You collect unemployment benefits from EDD Your current loan balance is under $729,750 Your mortgage servicer participates (See below for list of participating mortgage servicers) Would you like more information? Just visit the Keep Your Home California website here, or for spanish...
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By Kathy McGraw, Riverside County CA Real Estate
(CELLing Realty)
Having more than one Real Estate Office can be challenging, especially with the price of gas. Why would anyone drive 3 hours to get from one office to the other? Would you drive this far, and if so what would you do with your time?Me, I love the drive; not the expense, but the drive itself. I love having 2 Offices, both in different areas, and both with their own rewards.  My 2nd Office is fun, it is in a small town, mostly vacation and second homes, but many people live here year round.  I love the fact that I can spend hours just exploring, appreciating nature, and being able to relax.  This picture was taken while I was working....I had  started my day very early doing paperwork at the Office, then went to join my family for a few hours of fun.  "Lunch Break" ........Can it get any b...
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