Apple Campus 2 (Cupertino, CA)
Apple Campus 2 Cupertino Silicon Valley CaliforniaRobert Vegas Bob Swetz will be working at the new Apple Campus 2 located in Cupertino California located in Silicon Valley.  Robert Swetz is very excited about having the chance to work on one of the most interesting buildings to come along in Silicon Valley in a long time.All construction workers are prohibited from taking any photographs of the project so you will all have to either search Google for the time being and or wait till completion ;o)    Las Vegas Homes Henderson Nevada Real Estate Robert Vegas Bob ...  Jan 30, 2016 - Apple Campus 2 - 19111 Pruneridge Ave Cupertino CA 95014 by Robert... Robert Swetz has been a glazier (glass installer) for over 40 years ...
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Guess Where Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is headed?Robert Swetz has been brainstorming whether he will be going back down the the Lower 48 and he has made up his mind.Within the next 1-2 weeks Vegas Bob will be flying down to Las Vegas and then driving out the the Bay Area.Robert is not stating why exactly or where he is headed so you will have to look at the two photographs attached to this post and try to figure it out.I am lined up for my destination and very excited about going, and my only draw back is leaving the Last Frontier after it's been warming up so nice.
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Working The Bay Area and Building a New Retirement Home by Robert SwetzRobert Swetz aka Vegas Bob - Alaska Bob is seriously thinking about going back down to the Lower 48 and working in either The Bay Area California or Las Vegas Nevada.The Bay Area is BOOMING now with Apple Campus 2, Microsoft, Netflix, etc. and a massive 5 year project in Downtown San Francisco with 3 skyscraper's one reaching 57 stories. Robert Swetz is very interested in building a New Retirement Home in Alaska. Robert Already owes the land and now he just needs some extra cash to make this new project happen.  Robert figures if he was to work another 4 years in The Bay Area that this would give him more than enough money to actually build a new retirement home and more than likely have it paid off in full.Also if R...
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The New Apple Campus 2 at 19111 Pruneridge Avenue Cupertino California 95014 has been under construction and in full swing for approx. one year now.Robert Swetz has been a glazier (glass installer) for over 40 years now and there is a great possibility that he will be working on the New Apple Campus in 2016.While Robert Swetz was in conversation with Business Rep. at the San Jose Glaziers Local, the BR mentioned that another approx. 40 acre expansion for Apple Corporation had been approved for the manufacturing of Electric Cars in the Future. Along with the booming construction taking place in Santa Clara County are HUGE projects all across The Bay Area.San Francisco has another massive 5 year project coming up soon connected to the Bart and Transportation System around The Bay Area.   ...
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