Stonebriar (El Dorado Hills, CA)
By CHRISTINE LIBRACH, Broker/Owner, "Experience isn't's PRICELESS"
(El Dorado Hills Realty)
It's been a shaky 2009 for many homeowners and real estate professionals alike and we're not seeing a great deal of support from the Feds, as they're substantially increasing our taxes in 2010, and in fact, may be imparing our recovery and total economic outlook.   Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball to see what's going to happen next, but with Freddie and Fannie's sudden decision a couple of weeks ago to foreclose on their short sales, it looks like it's going to be another challenging year for our industry.  The information from the REO conferences concur that we're going to have an increased forclosure market for 2010.  I analagize it as "pulling off the bandaid fast" - it will hurt alot initially, but it will be over that much quicker.  As I said, our market will be challenging...
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