Rimrock Estates (Escondido, CA)
By Dusty Brazil, COMPASS Agent Living in North County San Diego
(Compass )
REAL- REAL ESTATE INFO FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS IN RIMROCK ESTATES ESCONDIDO I love being a real straight shooter in real estate. There is no real area of gray. You either tell it like it is, or you don't. Look, Rimrock Estates Homes For Sale are quite an amazing experience, if you actually happen to ever go way up the hill, to see for yourself. However, chances are is that you WON'T or HAVEN'T ,why? Well, that's just the thing, Rimrock Estates Homes For Sale ARE awesome, but the location for some is the issue. Sure, who wouldn't want to live where you can watch the eagles soar off you back patio, but the reality is that this community sort of fits a certain demographic and the convenience factor is the hardest thing to get around, if you are a buyer.   Based on the research I just did be...
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