Willow Walk (Hemet, CA)
By Diane Ross
(Diane Ross Supreme Service)
As I browse through the MLS listings,,,,By surprise I can't believe what I see!!One picture I see the home has dark green carpet, that hasn't been vacuumed in so long.Plain to see in this picture, white particles appear on it. What a Bad first impression I got from it! I just can't believe that the seller is not motivated enough to take five minutes to vacuum and pick up before a agent comes to take the pictures. I just don't understand,, But I do however understand the market, it's hard for anyone to be motivated!It is a buyers market, but that home can be sold! But however with so many homes to choose from. Homes have to be presented with a sparkle! A potential buyer could think that the home wasn't taking care of.  I do believe that the picture are as important ,as the price and sale...
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