College Park Estates (Long Beach, CA)
By Kirk Mulhearn
(Prudential California Realty/Gem Mortgage)
Long Beach, Ca.  The new 3.5 trillion dollar national budget, the largest on record, named,  "A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America's Promise." Was rolled out today by the wonderful people running this great nation.  Let us analyze the name....there is a lot in a name: A new era of responsibility?  Who is going to be held responsible?   It appears that the tax payers of this nation will definitely be held more responsible because Obama's multi-Trillion dollar budget will raise taxes by $989 Billion dollars over 10 years!!!!!    Then there's the quizzical:   Renewing America's Promise? Again, may we ask, who is being promised what?  With all of the money being pumped into social services, perhaps the all knowing legislature should take a careful look at California's new poor push...
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