Downtown Murphys (Murphys, CA)
By Daniel Seider
(BTRE Big Trees Real Estate)
Homes for sale in Murphys  DownTown Neighborhood Murphys CA    Why Do People Live here? Murphys is a beautiful neighborhood of single famly homes that is conveniently located between the High Sierra and the Sierra Foothills. Quiet often,  vistors can be seen walking the downtown Main Street, enjoying the many wineries and restaurants in the area. Now known for its restaurants and wineries, Murphy's has grown from a rubbling gold rush town where gold dust paid for the local churches to a prime destination for people seeking a smaller scale and intimate experience that is felt when walking along Main Street.  Looking for a home in Murphys ? Interested in finding homes for sale in Murphys CA? Click that link to find all available homes in this area of Murphys CA What's the Neighborhood lik...
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