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Oak Knoll, Pasadena, CA Community and Real Estate InformationOak Knoll is a charming neighborhood in Pasadena, California, located in the southern part of the city. To the north, the intersection of Oak Knoll Circle and Kewen Drive, to the west, Los Robles Avenue, Ramiro Road, and Encino Drive, and to the east, the intersection of Oak Knoll Circle and Kewen Drive. The neighborhood's first notable improvement came in 1886 when it was subdivided as part of Southern California's great land boom of the 1880s. The neighborhood's streets followed the contours of the canyon rims, which attracted a variety of house purchasers. It was the first Pasadena neighborhood to follow the brand-new design methods of Frederick Law Olmsted, a landscape architect in the 1869 Chicago Suburb of Riverside, bec...
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  Breaking The Ice   Breaking The Ice   This term may have different meanings around the country and during certain times of the year.  But I was pondering things while going through some questions in the ActiveRain Q&A section recently.   While answers often depend on the details of a situation, the location and so many other factors much can be solved or resolved with a conversation.   A meaningful dialogue.  You know, just talking.  One person starts and then another listens, then responds.  You likely understand the concept.  Probably have even practiced it from time to time.  Successfully too I imagine.   It can happen in real estate and in all forms industry-related.  On ActiveRain.  And most importantly, in real life.  Not so difficult.  Well, so it seems.  Breaking The Ice can c...
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By Michael Jacobs, Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393
Your Goals. Your Priorities. My Role.   So it's January.  A new year.  And the first month, almost half over.  Goals. Priorities.  Maybe some resolutions too.  My role?  Where do I fit in? If at all.    First, I don't break resolutions these days.  I don't make them so setting up myself for failure in this task is avoided.  If you do participate, good luck.  Embrace it.  Live it. Be it. Ask yourself the importance of the "resolution".  Anyway, resolutions are not my "thing".  If you subscribe and are up to the task--well, again good for you.  Now my role in your resolutions is nill.  And as far as your goals or priorities it is to say the least limited.  Don't get me wrong. I can and will be supportive.  Advice maybe.   Suggestions perhaps.   But I think YOU are responsible for this.  N...
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By Michael Jacobs, Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393
Condos in Old Pasadena 80 North Raymond Avenue This is a real estate market activity report for the condos in Old Pasadena located at 80 North Raymond Avenue, a 24 unit condo complex built in 1996. In this report, I will share sales information regarding activity so far in 2017 along with a recap of the five previous years.  Statistical data has been gathered from our local multiple listing service(mls) and may not include all transactions in the complex.   Are you looking to live in a vibrant urban environment?  Do you want to be steps away from abundant shopping and dining?   Does living close to multiple museums sound appealing to you?  Does the idea of going to a movie sound more appealing if you don’t need to worry about finding a place to park?   Would you like to have light rail ...
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