Seaport Village (San Diego, CA)
By Colleen K. Cotter
(Keller Williams)
Downtown San Diego has parks galore.  One of my favorite family activities is to take the boys over to Seaport Village to play by the water.  It is amazing to see how much fun we can have with bubbles and a breeze. The boys also enjoy the view of "The Blue Bridge".  That is there term for the Coronado Bridge.  Blue is one of their favorite colors.   There are always plenty of people enjoying the weather and the breezes from the Bay.  I usually pack a lunch and a few toys.  It is easy to join in with other folks and blow bubbles, fly kites or share rides on a scooter.  Seaport Village is undergoing a transformation.  It is being remodeled into a more resident friendly location.  It is not going to be primarily courting the tourist dollar.  Given the staycations most of us are taking thes...
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By William Johnson, Retired
The Buskers are back in San Diego this weekend. What is a Busker? Well it is a term assigned to street entertainers. Have you ever heard of Cirque du Soliel? Well, they started out as street entertainers, stilt walkers. Look at them now, some of the most athletic and artistic shows on the planet. Bet you wish you could just throw a buck in the box to see them entertain. Actually you will need to fork over about a hundred of those bucks per person for their amazing artistry and acrobatic performances and after the show it will seem like a bargain at the price.    This young guy has amazing balance and strength and performs as though it is effortless. He is also part of a team of performers that do other amazing and skillful balancing acts. Each year in the early Spring, the Buskers are b...
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Spring Is In The Air - San Diego's Seaport Village  Celebrates With the Busker Festival Busker is an English slang for street performer and the practice dates back centuries ago although the term for this type of entertainer first appeared in the English language in the mid 1800's.   This weekend Seaport Village is loaded with notable street performers as part of it's annual Seaport Village Spring Busker Festival. The acts were varied from a Didgeridoo player, slight of hand, jugglers, Pogo performers, athletic feats, pantomime and still life. The photo above of a performer demonstrating balance, strength and agility climbing a pole that is held up by 4 volunteers. I might add that I think trust must also play a significant role here, so the next time someone mentions Busker to you, you...
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By William Johnson, Retired
The Challenge of Perfect Balance  In all of our lives we endeavor to keep things in balance. Between home life, business and our outside hobbies and interests, balance sometimes alludes us. I watched the gentleman that created this and I still have no idea how he actually made  this happen. I have seen rocks piled up and that would be hard enough but as you can see, some of these rocks are on point. They seem to defy gravity.    If you are Buying, Selling or Relocating to San Diego and  need help from a professional REALTOR®, Give me a call or visit my San Diego Real Estate website and Sign up for Listing alerts for your favorite San DiegoHome and Condominium Property Searches. I specialize in Single Family Homes and Condominiums throughout the coast and inland areas of San Diego. Willi...
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By Jim Frimmer, Realtor & CDPE, Mission Valley specialist
(HomeSmart Realty West)
  Surfin' Santa arrives November 26at San Diego's Seaport Village With so many children being Internet-savvy, I wonder how parents explain Santa arriving in 500 cities simultaneously..... Santa arrives here in San Diego around 1:00 p.m. on November 26 at Seaport Village. One of today's luxury pirate ships will bring him close to shore, and I guess he'll ride his surfboard the rest of the way in. Get the holiday season off to a spectacular start with holiday music, live entertainment, holiday treats, face painting, and balloon sculptures. The historic Seaport Village Carousel will be open and running for everyone's enjoyment. For more information, visit Surfin' Santa.   ♪♫ ♫♪  San Diego Mission Valley condos for sale — Mission Valley Terraces (November 22, 2011) Out & About San Diego — ...
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By William Johnson, Retired
Tall Ship Parade Delights San Diegans   The Californinian The Tall Ship Parade on the San Diego Bay thrilled watchers from Shelter Island to the Coronado Bridge and over to the Embaracdero where they moored up for the beginning of today's Festival of Sail. Sponsored by the San Diego Maritime Museum, this late summer event is one the most impressive events during the year. The Bill of Rights  The HMS Surprise below is a reprodction of the the Royal Navy Ship named the Rose. She manuvered in very close to where I was taking photos so getting close up details was very much easier.  HMS Surprise The Festival of Sail will last through Monday Sept 5th ( Labor Day) at the Maritime Museum on the Enbaracdero. Here are a couple more of the Ships participating 
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By William Johnson, Retired
San Diego Celebrates July 4th Fireworks for San Diego Big Bay Boom will be discharged this year from 5 Bay locations. Shelter Island, Harbor Island, the Embarcadero, Seaport Village and Imperial Beach. All to the accompaniment of "Celebrate America" music provided by FM Radio, station 105.7FM The excitment starts to build throughout the day with picnics and kite flying and it culminates at 9:00 PM with a " fireworks show to beat all fireworks shows". San Diego county has so many fireworks locations, it doesn't matter if you live in mountains, coastally or in the inland valleys, there should a Fireworks celebration not too far from you. For an up to date list of times and locations near you in San Diego Country, go to  Sign-On San Diego    
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