The Arbors (San Luis Obispo, CA)
By Todd Martincello, Martincello & Hedrick
(Martincello Real Estate Group)
Although San Luis Obispo is a relatively small city, you can find that each of its neighborhoods has a distinct feel and personality. If you are searching for real estate in San Luis Obispo, consider starting in The Arbors. This enchanting neighborhood is located in the northwest corner of the city and offers plenty of amenities for any prospective buyer. Not only are these neighborhoods well planned with several parks to enjoy, but downtown is just a short drive away.  There is ample access to shopping, restaurants, local coffee shops, hiking trails, and the San Luis Obispo Country Club and golf course. Arbor's residents also enjoy the more moderate weather and less wind in the spring being nestled in rolling hills. The area also boasts views of the award-winning wineries that are rig...
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