Cherry Chase (Sunnyvale, CA)
By Robert Lei, Sunnyvale Cupertino Santa Clara, Palo Alto Mountain View Saratoga Campbell
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2011 Sunnyvale Cherry Chase Elementary Houses Near Highway 85 Power Lines   In a previous blog article, I wrote about the various school attendance boundaries in the Sunnyvale Union School District. you can see from the Sunnyvale School District Elementary School Site Boundaries Map, the western portion of the Cherry Chase Elementary attendance area is close to highway 85 and therefore is relatively close to the power lines that run along highway 85.Those power lines can be an eye sore and the humming noise can sometimes get on your nerves, but the more important question is "Does the extra EMF radiation from those power lines increase the likelihood of cancer in the homeowners...
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By David Blockhus, Los Altos Realtor and Silicon Valley Real Estate Pro
(Coldwell Banker - Downtown Los Altos Office)
Over the years I have had the pleasure of selling homes in what many buyers have described as unfavorable locations.  Homes that front or back up to busy roads (typically highways 85 or 280), homes that back up to train tracks (along the Cupertino foothills and Central Expressway) and homes that are near high voltage transmission lines.  One of the more difficult locations has been homes that run along Highway 85 between El Camino Real in Mountain View and Highway 280 near the Los Altos/Sunnyvale border.  The problem hasn't been the Highway noise (although that doesn't help), its been the high voltage transmission lines that run parallel to highway 85 and the creek.       Along this corridor, buyers who might be adverse to highway noise, check the noise level simply by standing outside ...
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