Sunnyvale, CA Real Estate News

By John Pinto
(Realty World - John V. Pinto & Associates, Inc.)
I have reviewed the July MLS statistics for Condominiums & Townhomes in Sunnyvale, California. Please listen to my podcast to learn about the key trends and indicators in this area. If you have any questions about the market, feel free to give me a call at 408-829-4141 or e-mail Thank you, John V. Pinto
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By Steve Mun, Silicon Valley Realtor
(Keller Williams Silicon Valley)
Ah, first time home buyers.  I love them!  I love them because they are starry eyed and full of excitement about getting into their first dream home.  I get more pleasure out of getting them into their first home and living vicariously through them in their moments of joy.  This is what gives me the most satisfaction and pleasure about my profession! Because they are rookies in the game, I try to spare them some disappointment and pain by showing them the shortcut - so to speak - in their journey offering them advice which would serve them well.  But, alas, they insist on making the full journey, including walking through the minefield of rejection on their own, when I was clearly standing there pointing them to the painless walkway that lay above the minefield.  Most first time home bu...
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By Steve Leung
(Silicon Valley Real Estate)
The long-awaited tear down of Sunnyvale Town Center's main building, in favor of a more open and walkable layout, has begun.  Target and Macy's are open during this deconstruction effort but the parking lot in front of the west side Macy's entrance is currently closed.  You can find more information about Sunnyvale's revitalization plans in the Sunnyvale neighborhood section.  Pictures available.
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