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By Bob Coan
(ThinkFree Realty)
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Here is this weeks open house list for Tustin. This is just a handfull and I have the complete list of Open House Homes in Tustin this weekend. Email bob@thinkfreerealty.com or call and I will email you the full list for any city you want in OC. Free and of course no obligation. 1162 Lucinda Way,...
Here is the most Up To Date Market Trends for Tustin. Each week we take a snapshot of the market. This Altos Research Real-time Market Profile(TM) is the most up-to date market information available. The Profile shows you not only pricing and market numbers, but also trends in those numbers.     ...

By Sherman Smith
(Sherman Smith & Associates)
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Tustin Ranch   We finally had enough equity in our home to afford to move.  My husband had just received a promotion and our debts where paid off.  Now was the time to begin looking for our dream home. We really wanted a new home and it wasn't long before we found it.  But now we had to sell our ...

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