Nobo (Boulder, CO)
By Brandon Del Campo
(Coldwell Banker)
Boulder's Homeless Shelter     I am in the business of helping people buy and sell homes.  Buying a home has been labeled the "American Dream".  Not everyone in this world will be fortunate enough to live that dream.  Some may not even be able to live the dream of renting.  Homelessness exists in all communities.  Boulder may have the nickname of "The Boulder Bubble", but we are not immune to the issues of the homelessness. With an ever growing population of people living pay check to pay check and more and more people getting upside down on their mortgage, we have a large population that have one foot OUT the door.  I think you would be shocked if you researched the number of people that are just one financial step away from being truly homeless.   You might be thinking, "this seems li...
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