Boulder, CO Real Estate News

By Jessica Hughes
(Ambiance Staging)
I was all set to write about Boulder, Colorado for the local hometown topic: Home of my alma mater CU, boasting over 300 restaurants, more used book stores per capita than any other US city, 30 art galleries, 4 museums, a wonderful farmer’s market, the fabulous brand new 29th Street Mall, not to mention the 300 sunny days a year….. Of course everyone knows about the skiing, climbing, kayacking, snowshoeing, paragliding, cycling side of Boulder, but I wanted to showcase the wonderfully diverse tapestry that makes Boulder truly unique.  But I’m not gonna!……   Because it snowed!  Almost 2 feet in fact! My husband & I took a snow day, (since we couldn’t get our car up the drive), and it was our 1/2 mile snowshoe hike into "town" that gently reminded me that I don’t actually live in Boulder;...
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