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By Scott Shields
Wendy Smith on Habitat for Humanity MetroBrokersIPTV: Welcome to Metro Brokers TV. I am with Wendy Smith with Metro Brokers Cherry Tree Properties and Wendy Smith welcome.Wendy Smith: Thank you. Hello.MetroBrokersIPTV: Just curious how things are going out here today at the Habitat project.Wendy Smith: Oh, it has been fine. It is going very well.MetroBrokersIPTV: What kind of things have you been involved in?Wendy Smith: I am painting. So, we are painting the rear of the house and the second story. We set up scaffolding and now we are actually getting the paint on the house.MetroBrokersIPTV: Okay. Have you worked with Habitat projects before? Is this your first time?Wendy Smith: This is my very first time with Habitat.MetroBrokersIPTV: So, what do you think?Wendy Smith: I love it. It i...
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MetroBrokersIPTV: Welcome to Metro Brokers TV and we are at a Habitat for Humanity project here in Commerce City, Colorado and I am talking with Michael Amoroso and welcome Michael.Michael Amoroso: Thank you.MetroBrokersIPTV: Hey, we are surprised to see all the work and help here and actually the real quality of construction that is going on in this project.Michael Amoroso: Well, it is always kind of uplifting to have volunteers coming out here that have never really done anything like this before and especially when we are hitting record heat today as far as day in the 90s I believe and they are still paying attention to detail and getting the job done and keeping us on schedule.MetroBrokersIPTV: Now, how long have you been with Habitat for Humanity?Michael Amoroso: I have been worki...
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MetroBrokersIPTV: This is Metro Brokers TV and we are at the Habitat for Humanity project and I am with Ron Herdt and Ron welcome.Ron Herdt: Thank you.MetroBrokersIPTV: So, which office do you work out of Ron?Ron Herdt: I work at downtown Metro Broker office. My company is called Cityscape Real Estate Metro Brokers.MetroBrokersIPTV: Great. How long have you been with Metro Brokers then?Ron Herdt: Six years.MetroBrokersIPTV: Six years? How about volunteerism? Is this your first time you have been on a volunteer project for Metro Brokers?Ron Herdt: This is my first time. It is very enjoyable. It is nice to see a project like this going on underway. It is going to be a part of it.MetroBrokersIPTV: Yeah, I think it is a little bit different giving human power versus just dollars.Ron Herdt:...
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MetroBrokerIPTV: This is Metro Brokers TV. We are at the Habitat for Humanity project in Commerce City, Colorado and I am with Sharon Kratze and welcome Sharon.Sharon Kratze: Hello.MetroBrokerIPTV: How are you doing today?Sharon Kratze: I am doing very well thank you.MetroBrokerIPTV: So, which Metro Brokers company are you with and which office do you work out of?Sharon Kratze: I am Metro Broker, Kay & Company and we are out of the Platt Park location.MetroBrokerIPTV: Is this your first time with Habitat for Humanity on a project?Sharon Kratze: Yes, it is.MetroBrokerIPTV: And what have you been up to today?Sharon Kratze: Well, we have been hammering in deadwood, so that the drywall has something to secure to it when they put it up on the ceiling.MetroBrokerIPTV: Is this your first part...
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By Ben Hargis
(VR Business Brokers)
Trucking businesses in Colorado are typically worth 5 times EBIT, OR 1.3 times SDE plus market value of assets.Operating Ratio(EBIT divided by gross sales) 85% or less......Excellent                                                                    86% to 92%.....Good                                                                    93% and up.....Fair Fuel prices are causing some operators to struggle, creating opportunity for those searching for growth.                   
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