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By Gayle Buske
(Team Double-Click and VirtualAssistingUSA)
As I sat down to write this first Gayle's Desk of 2009, I just had to look back at my first one from 2008.  It was the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese...predicted to be "an exciting year full of new beginnings and major accomplishments."  In a word...eeeeYuk!  The year turned out nothing like most of us expected.  2008 threw all of us some curve balls, that's for sure.  Toward the last quarter of the year we saw a lot of clients go out of business and still more struggle to keep their businesses alive in a down economy.   The year wasn't all bad though.  For me, there is always a silver lining and I fully believe that when one door closes another one opens and opens wider.  As I reflect back on 2008, I see what a wonderful job our Sales Director/VSR Director/Right-Hand-Woman, ...
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