Racoon Creek (Littleton, CO)
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Raccoon Creek Golf Course Golf Package: Ten 18-Hole Green Fees and Ten One-Hour Group Clinics with a PGA Pro $ 159 buy now Today's deal is our equivalent of a hole-in-one on a par-5 with a 3-iron during a tornado. That is to say, it's practically impossible. But that term "impossible" didn't stop us, just as it didn't stop Tiger Woods... on the golf course in the past decade, that is. Conquer the dream and your swing in Littleton at the Raccoon Creek Golf Course, which is offering ten one-hour group clinics with a PGA pro, plus ten green fees for the 18-hole course, all for $159 -- down from its regular rate of $1,000. That saves you $841, which could be considered your first endorsement, leading to a career in golf, putting you in the Masters -- which you'll win, becoming athlete of t...
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