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By Bonnie Marie DeWolfe
(Eagle Ridge Signatures Inc.)
Tin Cup is located in Gunnison County at the foot of Cumberland Pass.  It's not actually a ghost town anymore as it does have a few summer homes.  Tin Cup came about in 1861 when Jim Taylor and his 2 buddies stopped at the creek to get a drink and one of them saw gold in the bottom of his cup.  In the 1870's there were strikes of high grade Gold and Silver in such mines as the Gold Cup and Jimmy Mack among other mines.   That started the gold rush to this area. Originally the town was named Virginia City in 1880, but was changed to Tin Cup in 1882.   They packed the gold and silver out by mules and wagons to the railroad where it was taken to the smelters.  Tin Cup Colorado Those finding gold and silver weren't the only ones making a killing!  Prices for everyday items skyrocketed. Men ...
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