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By Jim Poole, Zero Down, USDA Purchase Loans, FHA 203(K) Rehab & VA Streamline Loans
Wakulla County Florida Home Buyer Assistance Program Process and Time Line 1.  County sponsored home buyer education class is required. 2.  Home buyer is APPROVED and signs contract for home. 3.  Lender sends Reservation Form with contact to county. 4.  With-in 5 days, home is inspected by county staff. 5.  If necessary, lead based paint assessment is completed. 6.  Lender sends loan package to county. IF NO REPAIRS ARE NECESSARY...... 7.  County approves application package. 8.  County contracted appraiser completes appraisal. 9.  Home buyer meets with home buyer counselor. 10. Mortgage package e-mailed to title company. 11. Home buyer assistance check is released by county after HUD 1 is approved. 12. Closing occurs at the offices of the title company. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISI...
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By Captain Wayne - Rowlett Real Estate School, Rowlett Real Estate School / Owner and Instructor
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Legal descriptions are used to describe property in a way that uniquely identifies it from any other parcel. A legal description is so specific that given only the legal description, a surveyor can locate and identify a given parcel.           There are five additional purposes of surveying property and developing legal descriptions for   each parcel: 1.Current and accurate boundary information required to write a legal description is obtained. 2.The exact quantity of area within a described tract, whether it is described in square miles, acres, or square feet, is established. 3.Boundaries that may have become lost or obliterated are reestablished. 4.Data required to divide a large tract into smaller units for development and sale are obtained. 5.Identify and describe encroachments, if ...
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