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By JM Padron, CCIM, MRICS, CCIM, MRICS, Serving Mexico-USA Border
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Site Criteria for a Retail Operation. Real Estate represents a very important variable of a retail operation. Most of the business owners tend to focus primarily in economics without taking into account other relevant factors. These factors are measurable and the matter of the fact is that they c...

By Betty Garcia - Sweetwater Real Estate, Homes for sale and rent in Sweetwater
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¿Tiene problemas para hacer los pagos de su hipoteca? ¿Ha recibido una notificación de su agencia crediticia pidiéndole que se comunique con ellos?No ignore la correspondencia de su agencia crediticia.Póngase en contacto con su prestamista inmediatamenteComuníquese con una agencia de asesoría de ...

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