Eau Gallie (Eau Gallie, FL)
By Kerry L Klun, Broker/Owner, 321-626-5868
(Palm Realty)
I recently had a "medical situation" where I had arthroscopic knee surgery.  Unfortunately, my knee became infected and I ended up in the hospital for almost a week while they determined whether or not I had MRSA.  The good news is that I didn't have MRSA.  The bad news was that I did have a staph infection which required the insertion of a PICC line and 6 weeks of daily antibiotics.  Not a terribly pleasant situation, but that's an entirely different story.Once I got my PICC line removed, I had a supply of saline flushes and heparin syringes left over.  All of the supplies were sterile, but the medical company I got them from didn't really want them back.  So, today I drove over to Florida Aid to Animals in the Eau Gallie district of Melbourne.  Florida Aid to Animals is a cost effecti...
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