Englewood, FL Real Estate News

By Louann Nudi
(TOVIJE Enterprises, Inc.)
Wow! my husband and I were traveling across state last week and were thrilled to see the price of gas!  We didn't hesitate to stop and fill up when we saw $2.38 in Okeechobee!  Here are some of the other prices that we encountered..........Englewood $2.55 down from $2.87Sarasota $2.39 down from $2.95Jupiter $2.58 down from $3.01Arcadia $2.60 down from $2.84Englewood, Florida is largely a tourist area with many of our seasonal residents concerned about previously escalating gas prices.  Many of them have been in contact with us lately indicating that reduced gas prices may result in earlier trips to our area this year (that and the reduction in hurricane traffic).  That's a positive for us, obviously!  What trends are you seeing with gas prices in your area and do you feel there will be ...
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