Tanglewood (Fort Myers, FL)
Many times we forget just how lucky we are.  Now that I am a real estate agent with Sellstate Achievers Realty, Inc., I have been forced to realize just how lucky I am, and how great of a place Tanglewood is to live.  Constantly, we hear stories of renters stripping homes of everything down to copper pipes in the walls, banks paying renters bonuses to NOT tear up the home before they move out.  I just don't see it in my neighborhood.  There is one property on my street looking delampdated and I have been desperate to get in touch with the owner due to the fact that I have spoken with three young ladies that all want that home.  I live on Oaklawn Ct, and it might as well be named for a park.  Every afternoon after school is out there are orange plastic cones placed in the middle of the s...
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