Lpga (Holly Hill, FL)
By Ron Wysocarski, CEO, Pricing Specialist
(Wyse Home Team Realty)
Christmas in August? Well...not exactly. Beat the Christmas rush, BUY NOW, is the true spirit of the market in August. As buyers are quickly realizing that there are incredible SHIFTS taking place in the market, it is more clear than ever that it is time to GET OFF THE FENCE. The widely successful Cash For Clunkers program is coming to an end on Monday. It provided a great stimulus to the auto industry and now it is time for the government to allow that market to function on its own. The question in my mind is, how many people will be buying next month? Will the housing market face the same tough question in November?  If I am a 1st Time Home Buyer that will be using an FHA Mortgage, I realize that if I want to insure that I can take advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit Program, I need to ...
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