Eden Place (Lake Worth, FL)
By Linda Just, SFR
(Leibowitz Realty Group - Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Living in Palm Beach County is paradise. In the summer the ocean is warm for swimming 80-85 degrees. You can drift around in the water on a noodle or floatieĀ and never get cold. No need to bring a towel - when you leave the water the sun keeps you warm and you dry off quickly. Bring a beach umbrella and a cover ups and pleanty of sunblock. A large brimmed hat and you can float in the ocean all day. Try and do that in the northern ocean water. Up there, even in summer you can't stay in the water as long without turning blue. When you live here you can drive all along Ocean Blvd and we get to enjoy all the wonderful beaches, Boynton Beach at the Inlet, Manalapan, Delray Beach are very popular, as are, Lantana Beach, and Ocean Ridge. The beaches in Palm Beach proper are nice and I have a f...
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