Bobcat Trail Golf And Country Club (North Port, FL)
By Kwee Huset, Venice Florida Homes For Sale
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  North Port FL Real Estate Market Reports –December 2012   Are house prices going up? You better believe it. Check it out at North Port FL Real Estate Market Report – December 2012 provided by Kwee Huset of Kwee Huset Realty for the sales performance.     North Port FL Price Trend Chart For the Period — December 1, 2011 to Dec 31, 2012       According to the price trend chart above, the average single family home price in December 2011 was $111,976. It went up 8.65% ($121,669) in November 2012, due to the holiday in December many homeowners incurred extra expenses and decided to sell their properties for less profit, and prices went down 2.11% from $121,669 to $119,094     Search single family homes for sale in North Port FL here.     In December 2012 single family homes Total properti...
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By Kwee Huset, Venice Florida Homes For Sale
(Kwee Huset Realty)
  Between 9/1/2011 to 9/30/2011 there were 99 single family home sold, 74 home listed for sale and 61 under contract in North Port FL Real Estate Market Reports – September 2011.   The price depends on the location, size of land, pool & condition of the house (handyman, move in condition, kind of floor, updated kitchen/bathroom, air-conditioner, type & age of roof  & etc)                                                 July                   August          September   The average sold price          $ 97,965             $103,002        $105,500 The lowest sold price           $ 16,000             $  22,000        $  26,020                                                            The highest sold price           $310,000             $342,500       $322,537   The average day on market ...
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By Christina Miller
(Sarasota Bay Real Estate)
When everything seems tohave gone south in the real estate business, market search and realtor recommendations often go to properties that provide varied attractions and inherent realty values. In Southwest Florida, searches for these options are often focused on mixed-use property complexes like the Bobcat Trail Golf and Country Club at North Port.The Bobcat Trail real estate property development has not only masterfully merged its residential neighborhoods with the delightful environment and amenities of a golf course.  The country club has also undertaken a renovation program recently as an added value proposition that made its properties even more attractive from among North Port real estate choices.The renovated facilities in the complex include Bobcat Trail’s popular clubhouse whi...
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